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10_random Prompt 7

Title: Battlefield
Author: no_pen_writer
Claim: Protectobots
10_random prompt: Small
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: If I was Hasbro I wouldn't need fanfiction for my what if meanderings.
Spoilers/Warnings: Unbeta'd
Author Notes: Oh hey, this canon deals with a war, so let's actually talk about that then...


There was another ground shattering boom that echoed painfully in audio receptors as they all instinctively crouched down again. Blades with his sparking rotors and militant gleam in optics as he attempted to decompress himself even more over that of the hunched forms of the blackened First Aid and Groove; the ash and smoke rising and coating even more as a sudden shift made them upwind of the burning buildings and howling turbines of seekers. Even as Streetwise darted from one rubble pile to the next in a determined path to the last place Hot Spot had been seen before Bruticus had ambushed them with a swiftness that had them scrambling for cover before the thought of combining had a chance to form.

There was an odd silence amongst them as comm. lines and even their own bond was silent in a way it had never really been until now. Which just seemed to amplify and mute the sounds of the battle still going on around them; even as the static from the comm. lines mocked them in reminding them at how isolated they were from most of the unit and the swiftness in which their lines had been taken over. Leaving everyone to more or less fend for themselves as there was no real way to call for back up.

Thus they fought and when it became apparent they could not fight anymore they went down and attempted to wait it out. Hoping that what they had managed to do and the efforts of everyone else would be enough to drive the Decepticons back enough for at least a retreat to be possible. An option that usually made Blades rumble in agitation and Hot Spot feel as if he could have done more to prevent the need to retreat.

Here though as they curled together and braced as much as possible against the fall of missiles and the need to keep going, even as they all had warnings flashing and alarms going off telling them to rest, they could only wait.

It made them see how truly small they were compared to this force known as war.
Tags: *10_random, *fandom: g1, blades, first aid, groove, hot spot, streetwise
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