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10_random Prompt 9

Title: In the name of science
Author: no_pen_writer
Claim: Protectobots
10_random prompt: Funny
Rating: K
Disclaimer: If I was Hasbro I wouldn't need fanfiction for my what if meanderings.
Spoilers/Warnings: Unbeta'd
Author Notes: Sideswipe can also do things in the name of science.


There are many things that are shared and emotions amplified within the bonds of a gestalt. Even if the personalities that riot and bounce around within that link are in such opposites that individual likes and dislikes are not the same, the emotional hooks are in too deep to keep it from affecting one another without a full block of the bond. An act that made most gestalt members shudder and refuse to do so outside of emergencies that require such.

And it was what Sideswipe was banking on during a long cycle of light duty schedule brought about by a badly dodged shot from Astrotrain.

For you see, Sideswipe, despite being a twin, found the gestalts weird in their own way. One of those ways being how much they shared without any sort of filter, as if he were to broadcast everything to Sunstreaker the way gestalts did with one another Sunny would have beaten him to death himself when they were still sporting the shiny, just off the assembly line newness in their paint. Which in downtime when he was not busy, and thus not as easily able to find ways to lighten the mood of everyone else (Or just annoy them out of their gloom.) he would contemplate this in a small corner not devoted to whatever scheme he was up to at the moment. Which brought about what he called a great experiment.

Now the Aerialbots at first were going to be his main factor in this great experiment, but after a while they seemed a bit too complicated to work with on the first try, until the Protectobots had settled into the daily life of this group. They were ideal for Sideswipe’s experiment for they had personalities that were not freakishly similar (and no Sunny the crazy overworking need didn’t really count, because that had to be Primus being funny in regards to Ratchet and Prime.) but they were in each other’s cpus so much it was a wonder sometimes they didn’t act like they had copied personality algorithms.

Thus why on a sunny and peaceful, for this crew, day Sideswipe was sitting across from Streetwise with his nicest and most open smile; and he was just going to ignore the little interceptor looking slightly freaked out by this as it was about to all change the way Sideswipe wanted it to. Especially as he knew the fatal weakness in this one that was unique to ‘wise and he knew was not shared by the rest of his brothers. A weakness that would break down the little barrier and bring either success and fame to the Lamborghini, or ruin and hours of explaining it all.

Sideswipe started to pun.

It took a few sentences to get past the nervous energy that had cropped up at his sudden arrival out of the blue, but soon the first twitches were seen. Followed soon by a the tell tale hiccup of vents as Streetwise tried to fight and be stronger then this. The weak resistance soon crumbled and within moments there was a ball of giggling police car on the floor of the rec. room, begging for mercy between fits of laughter. Normally Sides would have had pity and stopped when cooling fans came into play, but he was doing this for science and his own curiosity; thus the puns continued. Only stopping the torture when the first sign that the experiment was a success came into the door, in the form of a confused looking Silverbolt. Who lost the confused look and instead seemed to know exactly what was happening when he took in the sight of Streetwise attempting to not overheat while laughing and a smug looking Sideswipe sitting casually in a chair. Both non laughing mechs already understanding what had brought Silverbolt here when he was supposed to be going over some plans on aerial support for certain rescue type missions with Hot Spot.

“Ratchet is going to have your spark casing if First Aid overheats in medbay.”

“Not as much as Blades will want it considering he was having aerial practices with Air Raid.”

The jet wasted no time in going to the rescue, of his brother or the little helicopter wasn’t certain just yet. Now Sideswipe just needed to figure out what lake Beachcomber and Groove had gone to just to be thorough in his ‘data’. Then he’d start figuring out how to make the Aerialbots go into a giggle fit of their own when this event had slipped their mind.
Tags: *10_random, *fandom: bayverse, sideswipe, silverbolt, streetwise
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